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Toss Like A Pro®

ProDough usa™ is a new and innovative device, used to develop pizza throwing skills and as a competitive acrobatic art form. The "dough" is an artificial, silicon based plastic disk, 12 1/2" in diameter and simulates real pizza dough in texture, consistency and touch.
ProDough is a safe non-latex material that glows in the dark and can be adapted for a wide range of business building and competitive applications. With each purchase, you receive a FREE "Toss Like a Pro" how-to DVD, featuring Tony Gemignani, Five Time World Champion. ProDough is made in the United States and part of each sale is contributed to the sponsorship of the World Pizza Champions!

What is ProDough made of?
ProDough is primarily made of silicon derivatives. It does not contain latex. The exact formula of ProDough is proprietary. Children under age 5 should not use ProDough without adult supervision.

How long will ProDough last?
If used as intended and stored in the included Tote, it will last for years with normal use.

How do you clean ProDough?
Hand wash using a mild (wear) detergent solution, rinse thoroughly in clean water and air dry. Use talcum powder or flour to restore the original smooth outside texture. Store in the included Tote when not in use.

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